The MèCHE Hair Team

Kay  Director

The idea for MèCHE came after a lifelong career (nearly 50 years) and a 'where to now' question in early 2017: "What will our clients and team enjoy being part of in the future?"

With a passion for developing top quality hairstylists and beauty therapists, I love working with great talent, helping them to be the best at what they do. MèCHE is a melding together of those who share a vision to become better, look after our environment, and find new ways to carry out our work.

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Sam  Front of House Manager

The smiling face that greets you when you walk into the salon, and co-ordinator extraordinaire, is our Sam.

Here to answer questions on products and services you may have. With a passion for fashion, Sam has her finger on the pulse with the latest trends happening in the hair and beauty industry.

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Yvonne  Master Stylist

Hairdressing is my passion, and I've been in the industry for 33 years.

Passing on skills and knowledge is an area I enjoy, competing in photographic competitions, as well as creating new looks for my clients.

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Wendy  Master Stylist

I bring a wealth of knowledge to the MèCHE team, enjoy doing photo work and was a NZRH finalist in 2016.

I love to listen to my clients' needs and create a style personalised for them. I also enjoy passing on my skills and knowledge onto the team and am looking forward to competing again next year and furthering my training to become an industry assessor.

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Nicci  Master Stylist

With 36 years hair-styling under her belt, Nicci has plenty of experience across a range of services including precision cutting, restyling and colour work.

She has also traveled extensively and subsequently acquired a passion for fashion and artistic photographic work.

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Kat  Master Stylist

I've been a hairstylist for 21 years and am Australian trained. Having moved from Auckland after selling my business I bring valuable knowledge and skills to the MèCHE team.

I specialise in barbering skills and blonde extreme make overs, and blow waving your hair for special occasions. I also love sharing my knowledge and skills with the up and coming stylists.

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Lynda  Master Stylist

I am excited to be back and be a part of the team at MèCHE.

I have been in the industry for over 30 years. I cover a large range of styling and enjoy precision cutting and creating new looks.

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Cherie  Master Stylist

Bringing seven years experience to the team, my strengths are precision cutting, beautiful blondes, and sexy hot short hairstyles for women.

If you have something edgy in mind, I would love to create it for you. I can also advise you on maintaining your current style.

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Purdie  Master Stylist

Rejoining the team after a break of living in Australia, I bring 17 years' experience and a wealth of knowledge and skills.

The area of hairdressing I excel in is cutting, followed closely with colour to compliment a new look. If you're going to a special event, I have a high skill level in blow waving.

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Alex  Master Stylist

With 10 years' experience, I love being part of a team and extending my knowledge and skills, which has led me to be a very busy stylist.

My passion and strength lies in creating new looks for women. Producing soft natural hair colours to enhance my cuts is another arena I excel in. I'm also able to advise you on maintenance and how to style your hair at home.

I am currently on maternity leave but look forward to returning to the salon soon!

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Dani  Stylist

I've been hairdressing for eight years and my knowledge of colour and my experience allows me to create beautiful ombres and seamless blondes.

I love to follow current trends in what's happening to hair, and therefore reproduce the most current looks.

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Season  Stylist

I have been hairdressing since 2014 and thoroughly love the industry! 

I have a passion for creating gorgeous hair ups for special events. I love all aspects of colour work from ombre's to high fashion hues.

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Tammy  Stylist

Tammy specialises in short hair cuts, often called pixie cuts, and men’s cuts.

She also excels in hair-up work and styling for weddings, balls and other special occasions. Tammy also loves doing high-fashion colour styling. Tammy is currently on maternity leave.

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Rochelle  Emerging Stylist

I've been with the MèCHE team now for two years and I specialise in Keratin Smoothing and straightenings.

I enjoy re-creating new looks for my clients, cutting, colouring and showing people how to maintain and create their new looks at home.

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Olivia  Emerging Stylist

I've been with the MèCHE team for two years and my speciality is creating a variety of tonings for blondes.

Hair-ups is another area in which I love to create fashion-focused work for special occasions. I also have extensive knowledge in Keratin smoothing and straightening.

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Shannen  Emerging Stylist

I joined the MèCHE team six months ago as a colour technician for the master stylists.

Making people feel and look amazing is the reason I have chosen hairdressing. Some of my favourite things are blow waving curly hair and hair-ups. I also specialise in giving amazing head massages and hair treatments.

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Shaquelle  Emerging Stylist

I joined the MèCHE team recently from a busy city salon in Wellington.

My passion is blow waving for smooth, long and unruly hair, and ensuring clients get a nice relaxed head massage with their treatment.

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Sinead  Emerging Stylist

I joined MèCHE as a shampoo assistant in early 2018 and decided to start my hairdressing apprenticeship.

I have a passion for keeping up with the latest trends. I love what I do and really enjoy getting creative with my clients.

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